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March 2010



KICS has been keen to promote cross-sectoral understanding of issues and has
supported small studies. We are hoping that we will be able to capture insights from studies

Workshop Organised / Attended By KICS



Only those items which do not go under any of the subject/topic blogs.

KICS is involved with several projects relating to S & T and Development. Some of these projects are undertaken independently which others are through associated organisations or individuals in the network.

Knowlege sharing and dialogues amongst KICS members and other stakeholders happen in terms of many publications/reports/videos. The ones featured here include publications that have been brought out by KICS (including workshop and project reports) as well as by many of its associated members and fall broadly into the following categories:

Discussions on Science & Technology and Hind Swaraj, have led us to explore the concept of Oceanic Circles.


Some individuals of the RTF campaign had come up with a draft Bill centred around food entitlements framed and implemented through a few food and nutrition programmes like PDS/ICDS/antyodaya...etc.

If you who are not part of these RTF campaign updates, please write to trilochan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if you can become part of the googlegroup. _ Kavita K

Malla Reddy

Interviews of

Malla REddy

Seshagiri Rao




Contract Farming

Health products

walter, stan thek,
Rupela, VEENa DONE Collection

Forestry, artisans, Pastoral communities


Seshagiri Rao