The Pawana dam that now falls under the administration of the Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corp (MKVDC) has been built for the purpose of drinking water supply, hydropower and irrigation. The designed live storage capacity of the dam was 274 MCM, which now seems to have come down to 241 MCM, as per the website of the Maharashtra Govt\'s Irrigation Department. This is a reduction of over 12%. The project supplies 228 MLD drinking water in Ravet village through an open canal for Pimpri-Chinchawad Municipal Corp(PCMC) in Pune district.
The dismal Performance of the Pawana Dam
by SANDRP, Dams, Rivers and People, 01 July, 2007
The Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan governments and the Union Water Resources Ministry have been pushing for increase in height of the big dam of the Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP) from 110.63 to 121.94 metres. Since the people to be affected are not rehabilitated as per the Supreme Court orders and the Narmada Tribunal Award, there is no legal ground for such a proposition. Moreover, acting as devil\'s advocate, let us for the time being put aside all the sound arguments for SSP not being the most appropriate option for the water needs ofGujarat or power needs of western India. Thus, even if we look at the benefits angle, there is no justification for the proposition as Gujarat has not been able to use even 10 percent of the water available at current height.
The guilt of thirst
by Himanshu Thakkar, Tehelka, 06 May, 2006

High Level Expert Group Lacks Required Expertise

It may be recalled that on June 30, 2008 the Government of India committed itself to “suitably ensure perennial environmental flow in all stretches of river Bhagirathi.” This commitment was made in response to a representation of the Alumini Association of IIT- Kanpur to the Prime Minister of India requesting his intervention in the fast-unto-death undertaken by Dr. G.D. Agrawal – a former Dean of IIT-Kanpur -- to ensure the natural and uninterrupted flow of the Bhagirathi river between Gangotri and Dharasu (Uttarkashi). Subsequently the Ministry of Power, GoI, directed Shri R.S. Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director of NTPC, to constitute a high level expert group.

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The media has been playing the Supreme Court verdict as a victory for all sides. How do you read it? What does this verdict really mean? It may well be a victory for the Gujarat Government but it\'s by no means a victory for the Narmada Bachao Andolan. The Prime Minister haswashed his hands off an unequivocal report by members of his own Cabinet. The Minister for WaterResources, Saifuddin Soz, had the rare courage to put down on paper what he actually found - thefact that rehabilitation in Madhya Pradesh has been disastrous.
There is a fury building up across the country
by Arundhati Roy, The Hindu, 29 April, 2009