Bridging the Last Mile in Canal Irrigation

Chitra Krishnan shares the local peoples' struggle to get canal water into their local tanks during the drought of 2012.

In this segment "What the Last Mile Looks Like"  she outlines what canal irrigation is like at the last mile of canal irrigation - No trickle down effect here... 

In the second segment, Drought of 2012 details the chain of events when local villagers tried to get the water to reach their tanks during the critical days..

Reflecting on this experience, in the third segment, Chitra ponders..


Sharing Session - 31:  Rural Development: Through the Looking Glass by Dr. Chitra Krishnan

This sharing session was a  part of a broader KICS project titled
The State and Drought: Villagers' experiences"

Report in Kannada

Video Coverage of Session: 
1.  How beneficiaries Experience Government schemes
2. Collective Action & Changing Aspirations & 
3. The Beneficiary Writes

KICS Sharing Session #30

Bridging the Last Mile in Canal Irrigation: 

No plain or simple matter 

Dr. Chitra Krishnan

Chair: Dr. A.R.Vasavi


KICS Sharing Session #29

Rethinking social innovation in India:
Understanding value and trusteeship

This sharing session will take further some of the previous discussions at Mumbai (Sharing Session# 28 Social Entrepreneurship and the Quest for Economic Democracy). The session would explore the challenges for promoting social innovation in India and the current thinking on social entrepreneurship within a broader set around social innovation.

The session is facilitated by Rajni Bakshi and Joseph Thomas as discussant.  C. Shambu Prasad will moderate the session.

Date and Time: June 11, 2013, 1600 – 1800 hrs
Venue: CWS Conference Hall, Street No.1, Tarnaka, Secunderabad

Sharing Session – 28

 Social Entrepreneurship and the Quest for Economic Democracy

  Date and Time: March 16, 2013, 1430 – 1630 hrs

 Venue: IDC Conference Room No.1, IIT-Bombay (Powai)

An excitement about Social Entrepreneurship now dominates the public discourse in India. To a large extent this excitement is a response to the urgent need to address and solve the nagging problems of large scale under-employment and persistent under nourishment. Much of the attention is at present focused on operational details – how to push more finance into Social Enterprise, how to measure its impacts, how to ensure that it reaches small towns and rural hinterland, and so on.

Rajni Bakshi, Joseph Thomas will facilitate and Shambu Prasad will chair the session.