This seminar has given me an opportunity to revisit Dharampalji’s work and explore some connections in history of technology that I think can and needs to be made. I last met Dharampalji three years back but remembered his work on at least two occasions prior to his demise in October. I am part of a newly formed group called ‘knowledge in civil society’ and the group recollected his work at least two times prior to paying homage to him in its meeting in November. A soil microbiologist from ICRISAT (International Crop Research Institute on Semi Arid Tropics) and a member of the sub group on sustainable agriculture wanted to know from other members of the electronic group if anyone had information and details on high rice productivity in Chengalpattu that he heard of. Eventually Chitra Krishnan, a person who new Dharampal sent him some material from an old PPST bulletin. The grateful ICRISAT scientist was wondering if there were inscriptions or some pictorial evidence that he could used while communicating to agricultural scientists whom he was training on organic farming methods.
Revisiting Dharampal: Reflections on history of technology in contemporary India
by C. Shambu Prasad, CSDS, 10 February, 2007