The visit was carried out by Wiebe Bijker and his partner Tonny à Campo. Bijker’s trip was funded by IDPAD, while funding for à Campo was private. As it turned out, the presence of à Campo was very helpful to realise the aims of the visit, especially in making full use of the farming and textile case-studies. Tonny à Campo is an educational psychologist, specialized in the diagnosis of mentally challenged children; she is also an experienced amateur textile practitioner (spinning, dying, weaving) and a farmer’s daughter. In the cities of Hyderabad, Delhi, Bhubaneswar, and Bangalore we visited a variety of universities and civil society organisations (CSO’s), and made field trips to a farming village and a handloom weavers’ village. Bijker participated in the inaugural workshop of the ‘Knowledge in Civil Society Forum.’ In the universities he gave lectures and seminars, and had a variety of meetings with researchers and students. A planned conference in Hyderabad did not take place because the funding of US participants was not secured in time; the conference will now be held in January 2006.
Report on visit to India
by Wiebe E. Bijker, , 18 July, 2005