These concerns led to my joining an NGO in Kerala, soon after completing my B.Tech. This NGO, called IRTC, was an offshoot of the KSSP, the foremost among the “People’s Science Movements” of the country. At that point, KSSP favoured a change in the state policy on irrigation with its emphasis on big dams. However they were unclear about the nature of such a change and so took on a short project titled “Land and Water Management of a Micro-watershed”, in order to try to come up with a “model” plan that would optimize land and water use and preferably double the land productivity. I worked on this project for an year, with its emphasis on detailed hydrological monitoring and analysis over a micro-watershed of about 800 ha area.
Hunting for alternate technology: My journey
by Chitra Krishnan, , 01 January, 1970