Knowledge coding in static formats separates theory and practice locating each in separate spheres generating hierarchies that either privilege \"practice\" or \"Theory\". The artificial separation ensuing from static and well-settled binaries based in Academic traditions, allows the illusion of the separation of \"theory\" and \"practice\" through a process of making invisible the power dynamics and cross-context hierarchies (whether, colonial, class-based,linguistic, technological, economic, social, political - you name it). Therefore the illusion of \"objectivity\" and \"generalizability\" is carried forth across time and space without accountability and responsibility to the contexts to which this knowledge is applied (e.g. replication of best practices in relation to technological innovation ).
Talking of Theory/Practice Collaborations at the STS in India meeting in August 2005 (Hyderabad, India)
by Radhika Gajjala, Annapurna Mamidipudi, , 01 August, 2005