As discussed in the Core Group

Weibe: The first step in the process was to draft the Manifesto, which we did involving a group of writers after consultative processes at Gandhinagar, Tejgadh workshops and other sessions at CWS. The output was brought out as a booklet "Knowledge Swaraj"

In the second step we tested the ideas with reality through a series of case studies. We also held a workshop at the University and Focus Group Discussions on Sustainable Agriculture, on Democratising the discourse on Climate Change and one on Reproductive rights.

We are in step three which is finalising the draft after taking in the lessons from the case studies, and responses from the various processes. Weibe summarized the response by giving two reactions where Shiv had some scholarly reservations, Kavita K felt that gels with her field experience with the CSA and the BT Bringal campaign. An editorial group is working on the final Manifesto. The deadline is January, which is also around the time of the Commons Conference, where KICS is curating a session on Knowledge Commons.

Shambu felt that The main task of KICS itself in the next few years should be to take the manifesto outside of the KICS circle. Thus the effort of KICS should be to look for critical entry points at various fora.