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Organic Farming & Agro-ecological Approaches: Ready-to-replicate Best Practices From Around India
Published by Knowledge In Civil Society
with support from Centre for World Solidarity


Kavitha Kuruganti - Trustee (KICS) and Member (ASHA)

Indhubala Kesavan - Intern (KICS) and Student (University of Hyderabad)

This booklet has been created as a policy note on agro-ecological approaches in Indian agriculture, based on good practices and strategies adopted by different policies and programmes for promoting organic farming in India. The booklet dwells on policy and legislative measures that have helped some state governments to take forward a strong agenda of promotion of organic farming.


It is hoped that this compilation will be useful as a policy tool with ready-to-replicate ideas and practices to be picked up and implemented by state governments all over the country. It also makes a case for why organic farming is an imperative and not a choice any more, and the various benefits that can be expected from large scale promotion of organic farming. This booklet will also be useful for civil society actors for use in promoting and advocating organic farming in the country.

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