Despite standing apart from the mainstream of agricultural development, organic agriculture is penetrating the farmlands of India, slowly but surely. It is indeed remarkable that the organic model in its modern form (i e, “certified organic”) has found acceptance among diverse categories of agriculturists operating in different parts of India, under varied agro-ecological and financial conditions and often with diverse objectives. Equally diverse are the organisational frameworks that have facilitated the growth of this ecological farming technology. The organisational structures supporting smallholder organic agriculture in India fall into four forms: (1) farmers organised by a company, (2) farmers operating under NGO initiatives, (3) farmers organised or facilitated by government, and (4) farmers forming their own organisations (cooperatives, associations, self-help groups, etc).
Towards a SmootherTransition to Organic Farming
by Kasturi Das, Economic & Political Weekly, 16 June, 2007