That revolution was driven by a drought and disease-resistant wheat designed by an agronomist from Iowa that yielded unprecedented harvests in Latin America and Asia. Norman Borlaug is not as famous as he should be for a man credited with saving more lives than anyone in history but he was rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. Uganda\'s bid to copy the Borlaug\'s revolution is built on a new breed of rice that can grow in the drier uplands instead of the traditional wetland paddy fields and has doubled the country\'s production in only four years. Uganda\'s early success is the first indication that the bid by the Coalition for African Rice Development -- a group of development agencies, led by Japan -- to double rice production on the hungriest continent could work.
\'Miracle rice\' gives Uganda hope of its own green revolution
by Daniel Howden in Kampala, The Independent, 20 March, 2009
PRIME Minister Manmohan Singh is currently visiting Vidarbha district in Maharashtra. The countrywide interest in the relief package he is expected to unveil to address farmer distress in the area highlights the importance the problem of farmer suicides has acquired in recent times. Maharashtra has seen a four-fold increase in farmer suicides in less than ten years. The number has risen from 1,083 in 1995 to 4,147 in 2004.
The end of distress
by Ila Patnaik, The Indian Express, 01 July, 2006
A total of 8,263 farmers committed suicide in seven States between 2003 and March, 2007. Besides Maharashtra (Vidarbha), Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, that were given a nearly Rs. 17,000 crore rehabilitation package last year, farmers suicides were also reported from Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Gujarat. There were nearly 4,000 suicides between 2005-06 and March 31, 2007 as reported by State Governments to the Union Agriculture Ministry. In Maharashtra alone there were distress suicides by 2,329 farmers in 2006. Till February this year, 239 suicides were reported.
Over 8,000 farmers committed suicide
by Gargi Parsai, THE HINDU, 08 May, 2007
It is a lost opportunity. Shaken by the spate of farmer suicides in Vidarbha, the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh did make an effort to have a first-hand feel of the agrarian crisis but failed to address the real causes behind the serial death dance. There is no denying that Dr Manmohan Singh is the first prime minister in the past 15 years to have actually visited a village (outside election campaigns).
A lost opportunity
by Devinder Sharma, Deccan Herald, 11 July, 2006
farmers have committed suicide in the past 5 years, according to a recent district-wise survey
Crisis in grain bowl
by Manish Tiwari, The Hindustan Times, 05 June, 2007