The child receives not one but many vaccines. There are no tests to determine the effects of multiple vaccines. There is no scientific study to determine whether vaccines have really prevented diseases. Rather disease graphs show vaccines have been introduced at the fag end of epidemics when the disease was already in its last stages. In case of Small Pox the vaccine actually caused a great spurt in the incidence of disease before public outcry led to its withdrawal. There are no long-term studies on vaccine safety. Very short-term tests are carried out where the vaccinated subjects are checked against another group who are given another vaccine. Technically the tests should be carried out against a non-vaccinated group. No one really knows what protocols are followed at such industry-sponsored trials. Infants, who are advised ONLY mothers milk till the age of six months and beyond because their fragile system will not tolerate anything e lse are given 30 extremely toxic vaccine shots, including booster doses, an act that defies both logic and science.

Neutralising the toxicity of vaccines.Jagannath Chatterjee,The New Nation Bangladesh's Independent News Source, June 14,2009