According to paediatrics, however, the Health Ministry\'s move to include a new vaccine in its national immunization drive, takes care of only one kind of pneumonia--the one brought on by the haemophilus influenza type B (HiB) virus. It ignores the more deadly pneumococcal strain. \"HiB causes about 20-30 per cent of all pneumonia deaths, while pneumococcal causes 50 per cent,\" says paediatrician Dr Vijay Yewale. \"The government\'s initiative does not address the bigger problem.\" A recent paediatrics conference in Udaipur recommended inclusion of the pneumococcal pneu- monia-combatting PCV7 vaccine, made available to India last year by the Global Alliance of Vaccines and Immunisations (GAVI). But it\'s not clear what the Centre feels about this. \"PCV7 is expensive at the moment, but it may save as many as one lakh lives every year,\" says RK Agarwal, president of the Indian Association of Paediatrics (IAP). \"We will lobby with the Centre for its inclusion in the immunisation drive.\"
Forgotten killer
by Labonita Ghosh, DNA, 13 April, 2008
From drum beating at markets to using helicopters, Tripura has been making rapid strides in its immunisation programme, pushing this important health care intervention among tribal as well as non-tribal mothers and children.
Tripura aims for total immunisation
by Ratna Bharali Talukdar, India Together, 06 January, 2008
Playing by the ear Union health minister Anbumnai Ramadoss has decided not to take any chances and has suspended the national measles inoculation drive temporarily. At least 10 states, including Maharashtra, which were to use 4 lakh measles vaccine in routine immunisation programmes have been asked by the Centre to stop its use.
Measles vaccine deaths trigger panic in Mumbai
by Deepa Suryanarayan, DNA, 26 April, 2008
That Sabin’s oral polio vaccine (OPV) has not been able to eradicate polio in our country, is now well established (inter alia, Economic and Political Weekly, 4-11-06, p. 4538-4540; and 23-12-06, p.5229-5237; Tehelka, 11-11-06, p.8-9; The Hindu, Hyderabad, November 13, 2006, p.11; Down to Earth, 31-12-06, p.24-31; Conclusions Recommendations of a National Consultative Meeting organised by Ind ian Medical Association in New Delhi on May 14, 2006; Editorial in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, (IJMR), January 2007, p. 1-4; and numerous other articles in some of the world’s best known scientific journals, such as Science.)
The politics of polio
by Pushpa M. Bhargava, The Hindu, 11 June, 2008
When the Bhatts read about the death of four infants in Tamil Nadu after they were given the measles vaccine recently, it was almost as if then nightmare was unfolding all over again. Twelve years ago, the Borivli couple\'s daughter was left crippled after taking the measles vaccine.
One in lakh: Measles vaccine crippled this girl
by Deepa Suryanarayan, DNA, 30 April, 2008