Slide2: Overview Slide3 :A Civilization in Trouble World facing a backlog of unresolved social and environmental problems Rapid population growth, rampant poverty, hunger and disease in many countries Water tables falling and rivers running dry Forests shrinking Soils eroding, grasslands turning to desert Species disappearing, fisheries collapsing Slide4 : Lessons from China If China’s per capita income reaches U.S. levels by 2030 and consumption patterns follow, China would need: 2 times current world paper production billion cars, compared to the current world fleet of 860 million Paved area equal to its rice-growing area More oil than the world currently produces Slide 5: Lessons from China Western economic model – fossil fuel-based, automobile-centered, throwaway economy – will not work for China If it will not work for China, it will not work for India, nor for the other 3 billion people in developing countries In integrated global economy, it will no longer work for industrial countries either
A Summary of Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization
by Lester R. Brown, Earth Policy Institute, 25 March, 2009