Discussion Paper : Evolving an integrated approach for improving efficiency of ground water pumping for agriculture using electricity: A few pointers from the field
Rama Mohan RV (CWS, Hyderabad), Sreekumar N (Prayas Energy Group, Pune)
Agriculture power is a socio-political issue with linkages to cropping pattern, marketing of products, pricing & availability of inputs (seeds, manure etc), credit, support pricing etc. Only an integrated approach with all actors will yield sustainable results. Integrated Natural Resource Management approach should be promoted as opposed to short-term populism.
The idea of promoting demand-side management at grass-roots with the involvement of DT level farmers groups needs further refinement and packaging to make it economically attractive and up-scalable. Introduction of incentives at DT level for efficient energy use are needed to encourage farmers to adopt DSM measures. It is possible to improve the situation of power supply to agriculture with different supply schedules depending on the area and time of the year (See full discussion paper) Click Here