In the context of the formulation of Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012), the following sectorwise Working Groups/Steering Committees/Task Force have been set up by Planning Commission, to make recommendations on various policy matters.
Working Groups /Steering Committees / Task Force for the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012).
by , Government of India, 01 January, 2007
Small farmers in developing countries are mostly dependant on the use of genetic biodiversity for their income/living and are thus conservators of thousands of agricultural crop varieties, which otherwise would have been lost forever. In addition, they have conserved the traditional knowledge on crop production and protection, using locally available natural resources. Substantial extent of this knowledge has been scouted and documented (see by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and public sector research organizations. Together, these two aspects – diversity and practitioners’ knowledge - have provided an excellent survival system for rural communities for centuries.
Meeting the needs of small farm holdings during the 11th plan
by , , 01 January, 2006
A Working Group on “Agro-climatic Zonal Planning including Agricultural Development in North Eastern India” was constituted vide the Planning Commission letter No. 11016/4/2005-PC dated 24/01/2006 in the context of formulating Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012), under the Chairmanship of Dr. Panjab Singh, Vice-Chancellor, BHU, Varanasi. The Working Group met on 11th July 2006 for the first time and constituted 5 Sub-Working Groups to look into various aspects related to Agro-Climatic Zonal Planning. It was decided to have a uniform format for report writing by different Sub Working Groups. The reports were to be compiled under the following sections: Introduction, Current status, Present needs, Gaps existing, Priority areas, Infrastructure needs, Linkages with Stakeholders, Funding Requirement and Annexures.
Final Report of the Working Group on Agro-Climatic Zonal Planning including Agriculture Development in North-Eastern India for XI Five year
by Dr. Panjab Singh, Agro-Climatic Regional Planning in India, Volume I – Main Report, 24 January, 2006
It does not seem to be the case. A quick look at the Approach Paper (AP) for the 11th Five Year Plan (April \'07 - March \'12) from Planning Commission, Govt of India, specifically the issues that concern us at DRP (Agriculture, water, power and environment) suggests that we are likely to see a rehash of the old programmes, with little innovation or attempt to learn from the mistakes of the past. Let us see these issues from the AP. Agriculture Broadly, the AP objective (p 15) is, \"It is, therefore, proposed that the target growth rate for the 11th Plan be 8.5 % per annum\", with agriculture growth rate at 3.9%.
Any hopes for a people friendly 11th Plan?
by Himanshu Thakkar, DAMS, RIVERS & PEOPLE, 01 July, 2006