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Indian engineers dominate the fields of science and technology in the USA and in many nations around the planet. Nehru's vision was to convert an agrarian society to a more modern one little realizing that his vision would spawn the world's best engineers.
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A model for rest of the 24 village panchayats of St. Thomas Mount Panchayat Union, it is a preferred local body of State government officials and representatives when it comes to showcasing development. They direct delegates from other States and countries only to Mudichur to have a look at welfare schemes bringing about a visible change in the lives of people in rural and semi-urban pockets. Formed as a village panchayat in 1958, Mudichur is spread over 16 sq. km, bigger than even some of the urban local bodies in the southern suburbs of Chennai. With an estimated population of about 15,000 (6,516 as per 2001 Census), its low population density levels has helped in more ways than one. Mudichur village panchayat shot into limelight when its former president Nirmala Bhaskar received an award in 1999 from Prime Minister A.B.Vajpayee for being the best administered rural local body in Tamil Nadu.
A model village panchayat zone in
by K.Manikandan, Hindu, 27 March, 2009
Sociologists and anthropologists often use the village as an object of research because it is the lowest level of administrative, political and social unit India lives in its villages. Though this romantic notion has not changed much, with rural India still accounting for roughly three-fourths of the country\'s population, the village itself has changed much over the years.
Global crisis: looking at villages differently
by Himanshu, Mint, 31 December, 2008
Is Gandhi alive in our times? This requires an understanding of the prevalent social reality in India. There are two distinctive forces that enable us to make sense of this reality. First, it is the neo-liberal agenda of progress that seems to have become the most dominant ideology. It abhors the principles of communitarian socialism; it knows no other logic except that of the expansionist market; it loathes the ethos of self-restraint; it seeks consumption, stimulates desire, and liberates the cultural space from all historical memories relating to colonialism, capitalism, nationalism and socialism.
Centenary of Hind Swaraj: The relevance of Gandhi
by Avijit Pathak, The Deccan Herald, 25 February, 2009
For once the Centre has been presented with a plan that can go a long way towards decongesting our cities, improving urban air quality and meeting the challenge of climate change. The question is will the Centre accept the recommendations made under the National Action Plan on Climate Change and move fast to implement them.
Wheeling, dealing Reform Of Urban Transport Essential But Utopian
by Suhit Sen, The Statesman, 19 December, 2008