Two stunning victories for civil society

Shiv Visvanathan, TNN, 14 February 2010'

Two events in recent times argue for a different idea of public space. One is the debate on Bt brinjal and the other is the encounter between Shah Rukh Khan and Shiv Sena. These are two very different debates, but their manner of resolution offers a new hope for civics.

The Passing Away of a Hero

Lawrence Liang | October 9, 2009

..In an ironic way Balagaopal could be seen as a true inheritor of the Gandhian legacy, of leading a particular kind of life, and through such a life aspiring to change the world around you. In an interview with Janam Saxi, Balagopal once stated  “The Indian constitution has had a habit, right from its inception, to destroy democratic values completely in practice without any recourse to laws...

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The Barefoot Guide to Working with Organisations and Social Change, by The Barefoot Collective, 01 January 2009