Agricultural scientists cannot go on patting their backs for the success of green revolution to justify their failure to meet the challenges of the post green revolution era. They have been lauded enough for their role in the great saga of green revolution. Many of them, who led the team effort in the past, have been decorated and awarded. It is now time to hold others accountable for the great lapse, for their failure to save thousands of farmers from sure death. If the spate of farmers? suicides doesn?t motivate the scientific community to re-orient its research priorities, isn?t it time to question the need for massive annual expenditure on maintaining the white elephant ? ICAR? Why should the tax-payers? hard-earned money be used for funding research activities which can be better undertaken by private companies? After all, if other ?temples? of modern India can be disinvested, what is so sacrosanct about ICAR?
Reorienting priorities : Agricultural research in the country a colossal failure
by Devinder Sharma, Deccan Herald, 11 July, 2003