KICS Manifesto
KICS Manifesto
State and Drought
State and Drought
Solar Feeder
Solar Agriculture Feeders: An Attractive Alternative compared to Solar Pumpsets in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Kosi’s Kiss
Dinesh Kumar Mishra, Patna, July 2010

For decades, monsoons have almost always meant apocalypse now for the people of Bihar, while an inefficient and corrupt state machinery counts the cash

Planners and engineers have contempt for commoners: Dinesh Mishra
By d-sector Team
15 Jul 2010

The absence of information flow between the development planners and the common people who have live experience of grass root realities is the biggest hurdle in the flood management efforts, says Dr Dinesh Mishra in a dialogue with d-sector.




I am the drum
A trigger film on climate change based on floods
in Badami (Bagalkot) Karnataka State.2009

Dur: 8min. 46 sec.