KICS Manifesto
KICS Manifesto
State and Drought
State and Drought
Solar Feeder
Solar Agriculture Feeders: An Attractive Alternative compared to Solar Pumpsets in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

At a glance: 18 Key Points of PWC Report on RTI Implementation
RTI Act has adequate “teeth” to bring in transparency and reduce corruption. But the Act has not yet reached the stage of implementation which was envisioned. Substantial amount of work still needs to be done. Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), the nodal Department  of Government of India, also recognizes this.


IMD district wise rainfall  information

Following an appeal by SANDRP before the Central Information Commission, CIC had in January 2009 asked India Met Dept to review their policy and put up district wise monthly rainfall data for at least five years on its website. The relevant order of CIC can be seen at:
and relevent Press Release from SANDRP can be seen at:

Now, IMD has put up the requested data on its website, see:

Five Examples with Analysis of Mandatory Sections of RTI Act 2005 violated by Orders

CIC asks MWR not to consider River flow data secret