KICS Manifesto
KICS Manifesto
State and Drought
State and Drought
Solar Feeder
Solar Agriculture Feeders: An Attractive Alternative compared to Solar Pumpsets in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh


How Contribute an Document?

If you are not a member of the KICS group, can still contribute documents of long value. To do this we need you to process the information a bit. This will help us place the document in its proper place in the website. Please click here and fill the form.

If you are already a member of KICS,
then please login using your username and password and then click on Submit an Article under User Menu.


How we have organised articles in this site ?
Before explaining how, we use a content management system called Joomla for this site. Joomla has an in-built system of organising its contents in Sections and Categories. Following this path, we also have created Sections and Categories or Topics/Issues related to KICS documentation. This should allow us and people contributing to this site(by submitting artciles/documents) to organise the content in this site by putting the information into respective sections/categories.


How to Upload a file to this site?
You can upload a file as part of Contributing a document to this site.(Please read How to Contribute an Artcile). Please do not upload a file without filling in the relevant information of that document. Filling these information will help us in processing this document and publishing it in the correct sections.


What are file types can be uploaded?
As of now, you can upload DOC,XLS,PDF,GIF,JPEG file format. No other file formats are supported as of now.

How to become a registered member of KICS website ?


I need to ask a question or I have a porblem..
If you cant find an answer in the above list, please send us a email to webadmin at doccentre dot net or use the Feedback link to submit your question or clarification. That will help us to build this FAQ.






This website is an attempt to valorise and extend the sharing within KICS to a wider audience. It is also a tool to cumulate the contribution of various memebrs themewise.

To access the techincal site map, click here... But in short

The top bar represents more about ourselves, contact details.. but more importantly --- our sharing, our knowledge, right from who we are, the reflections on our experiences and lessions learnt.

The left bar: begins with a themewise organisation of all contributions made by members and others. We also plan to have a perspective note, and a guide to the information for each topic.. But this needs to be done by some of you.. who have read more, learnt more on, and feel passionately about that topic. The advantage in electronic media is that we can have several such parallel notes which use the same links and references, but are threaded together differently depending on who it is meant for, and what each one wants to say.

CED undertakes to show you how this can be done easily.. Just get your thoughts together and we can try and produce the magic.. a curated view of the information on each topic.. not one view but many, in such a way that a user can decide...

Below the information sharing section,we have a members area, where editing, publishing tasks, as well as some internal matters are managed.

Those of you who want to make a one off contributions have no fear,, Please login using your username and password and click on "Submit a Document" under the usermenu.

The Right Bar : Here is where we will have announcements of events, campaigns and outputs of KICS, its members, and perhaps even others.. We plan to restrict this section to areas of primary concern to KICS and not just any odd event.

Belore this area, we plan to have a selection related menu. It will either show you sub-sections of a topci selected by you so that you can navigate within these sub-sections, or some other information which is context specific.