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State and Drought
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Solar Agriculture Feeders: An Attractive Alternative compared to Solar Pumpsets in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

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by M.V. Sastri

As one in the field of voluntary agencies for more than 25 years now, I have been struck by a lack of adequate communication between two categorises of functionaries--- both  involved in development. I draw attention to the undisguised gulf between the governmental or semi governmental development workers on one side, and those of what may be called voluntary sector, on the other   side.   Belonging  to  the latter category, that is, the voluntary sector, I feel it would be useful to put our concerns, our context and our aspirations in a proper perspective.


Kavitha Kuruganti

Bt Cotton and the Myth of Enhanced Yields

by Kavitha Kuruganti [Economic & Political Weekly EPW may 30, 2009 vol xliv no 22]

It is presumed that remarkable increases in cotton productivity in India have come about through bacillus thuringiensis cotton and that this approach therefore must be replicated in other crops. This article explores the myth of rising yields of genetically modified crops and points out that genetic engineering has been at best neutral with respect to yield and in many cotton growing countries the average cotton yields have stagnated since the adoption of Bt cotton.

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Chitra Krishnan

Irrigation Infrastructure