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State and Drought
State and Drought
Solar Feeder
Solar Agriculture Feeders: An Attractive Alternative compared to Solar Pumpsets in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh


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Bharat Mansata

Organic Revolution ! : Historical Background and Sudden CrisisBackup Copy in CED Library


Dinesh Mishra

Bihar Floods: The inevitable Has Happened

Embankments - or Should we say entombments? by Chitra Padmanabhan


Hari Babu

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Harish Naraindas

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Epidemics of Fever : Allopathic Prevention or Alternative Cure Backup Copy in CED Library


Himanshu Thakkar

Editor of Dams, Rivers & People

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Julia Quartz

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K Suresh

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M Sridhar

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Radhika Gajjala

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C Raghava Reddy

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Ramanjeneyulu & CSA

National Workshop on: ?Organic Farming: Shaping the Post-Green- Revolution Agriculture?Backup Copy in CED Library


Rekha Pappu

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Shambu Prasad

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Economic & Political Weekly Magazine, August 2, 2008

Unravelling Myths about Subsidies in Urban Transport

Ashok Sreenivas, Girish Sant,

Is urban public transport subsidised more than its private counterpart? Through a case study of urban transport in Pune, this article demonstrates that car and two-wheeler users receive larger subsidies than bus users when all costs imposed by transport modes are considered.