KICS Manifesto
KICS Manifesto
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State and Drought
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Knowledge In Civil Society: Shared worldview and role

The Objects of the Trust[1]

1.    To work with organizations devoted to Science and Technology, with special reference to all aspects of agriculture, village industry, environment, health etc. to help usher in a just and equitable society by pooling, documenting and making accessible knowledge derived from the work and experiences of such organizations and from all other relevant sources.

2.    To advance knowledge-dialogues on Science and Technology as the basis for policy formulation by government through pooled and well documented studies.

3.    To encourage various organizations to undertake and carry forward work that would enrich and enhance knowledge that would expand the focus of the objectives of the Trust.


Shared world view


Few points from the KICS Concept note[2].

-       KICS is driven by the need to rein in S&T without being anti-S&T. Modern S&T could be kept on leash by democratizing

-       The role of civil society should be to work to build a polity that is democratic and non-violent, respectful of women and the marginalized, garnering in the process the clout that can keep S&T to be at the service of societies and communities rather than the other way.

-       Alternative knowledge systems should come to their own, represented by, and embedded in, the variety of systems of languages and dialects in India

-       Ecology and environment can be preserved by having a polity with reduction in aggregation that has been the bane of ecological and environmental health all over

-       KICS seeks to help CBOs & NGOs  to explore their ways through facilitative processes.


  1. The three pillars of the shared world-view of KICS are[3]:
    1. Recognition and respect for the plurality of knowledge
    2. Striving for sustainability in the long run from the view point of the majority
    3. Ensuring justice through democratisation
  1. KICS focus is on the lives of the majority, who face economical and social deprivation and our endeavour is to end poverty and impoverishment. Science & Technology (mainstream or traditional or community) has a key role to play in this endeavor, by linking with other dimensions of development - be it economic, social, political or environmental. Its role could be positive or negative. KICS will critique the negative role and promote positive innovations.
  2. Our approach is to empower the people through a process of knowledge dialogue and innovation, towards addressing the problems and managing the resources
  3. KICS promotes a pro-active, multi-dimensional, integrated approach to address issues. KICS considers building bridges very crucial and critical" across experts; across sectors; and also across academic research & the grass roots
  4. KICS is not affiliated to any political party, but is deeply political in its consistent pro-democratic, pro-poor and pro-sustainability position.
  5. KICS will be inclusive to attract multiple thoughts and actors from civil society. We will strive to listen to all who wish to dialogue with us. But when choosing fellow travelers, we will exclude those who do not subscribe to the objectives and shared world view of KICS



Role of KICS


  1. Primary role of a think tank drawing its strength from a network of organisations and individuals
  2. Secondary role of  a facilitator of S&T innovations towards  strengthening people's knowledge; democratising policy & planning; main- streaming innovative pilots, which help to break out of the vicious cycle


/sreekumar n, 10.11.2010/

[1] As mentioned in the KICS Trust deed, 27/08/10

[2] KICS  - A draft concept note, MV Sastri, 17/2/10

[3] Elaborated in ‘Knowledge Swaraj: An Indian Manifesto on Science and Technology', December 2009